Saddleback Summer School 2017


We haven’t been able to use Canvas, as I said we’d do, so I’m going to put some links here that you might find helpful. Today we used Ventures Arcade. Here is the website:

Ventures Arcade

I also showed some people this one:

Adele’s ESL Corner  You will need to click “Click Here For Medium Level”. This is the highest level on this site, but there are some links that may be useful for you. For example, there is a link to an exercise for Phrasal Verbs. There are also links to practice in Articles and Apostrophes.

Finally, here is a website you can use to practice CASAS skills.

Individual Learning Activities

Click on the last link in the first table: “Links to Activities to Form 185 R, 186 R”. This is for the Advanced Level. You can practice on any link. These are my suggestions:

Hospital Directory

Company Policy

Information on Legal Services

Workplace Safety


Equipment Instructions

I hope this is helpful. I’ll add more information as time goes on. Happy Studying!

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I'm a native English speaker and an ESL instructor with my MS in TESOL. My passion is helping people to improve their lives through learning English. I also love to exchange information with people around the world about our differing cultures and the ways we are all the same.

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