English Verbs


Last year when I was teaching mostly Spanish-speaking beginner students, someone brought in a list of verbs that was several pages long. I asked for a copy. It was a spreadsheet with various tenses and with Spanish translations. It was a great reference, but since it was a copy of copies, it wasn’t very clear. So, I took on the project of retyping the whole thing. I completed page 11 yesterday. I’ve been giving this year’s students copies, page by page as I finish typing them. Since I have a few students who speak languages other than Spanish, I’m also making pages with a blank column so they can write in their own translations. It’s going pretty well for my beginner students. I don’t know if my advanced students have any need of them, but in case they do, I’m adding them here to my blog. If you’re interested, feel free to download them and add your own translations (if you don’t speak Spanish).

If you do use these, please let me know if you find any mistakes. I’m typing these myself and my Spanish is very limited. I’d like to make corrections and I’ll repost them as needed.

Hope it’s useful!

Complete Verb Study



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I'm a native English speaker and an ESL instructor with my MS in TESOL. My passion is helping people to improve their lives through learning English. I also love to exchange information with people around the world about our differing cultures and the ways we are all the same.

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