This, That, These and Those


This, that, these and those are really not so hard if you can remember the rules. Like anything else, it just takes thinking and practicing.

If you’re talking about something near to you, use this for one thing and these for more than one.

If you’re talking about something that is NOT near to you, use that for one thing and those for more than one.

For more details on the rules, see the charts for the rules.

For practice, try this website: This, That, These, Those Online Practice

I just found another website that might be fun. I used to use this when I taught science, but I have discovered that there is an ESL section. It’s made for kids, but the English is the same. Give it a try! You might like it.  Brainpop ESL

Today we covered the IPA and the Sounds of English. If you would like to play around with the sounds and the IPA chart, here’s a link to a chart that makes the sounds when you click on the symbols. It’s not just for English, but for all of the symbols.  Interactive IPA

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I'm a native English speaker and an ESL instructor with my MS in TESOL. My passion is helping people to improve their lives through learning English. I also love to exchange information with people around the world about our differing cultures and the ways we are all the same.

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